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Rent a car with Seychelles Car Hire and visit some of the best places on Mahe, like Beau Vallon beach, Botanical Garden and the Creole Cuisine restaurant.

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Brief History of Seychelles

First of all a brief history of The Seychelles! The largest of the 115 islands making up the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean is Mahé. And with about 60,000 inhabitants, this island is therefore the home to 60% of the total population of the Seychelles. Although the Seychelles were first discovered by the French, Europeans did not come here till mid 18th century. The French initially colonized it, before being taken over by the British. It was only in 1976 that Seychelles acquired independence and also became a Republic, the Republic of Seychelles. The island of Mahé runs 17 miles longitudinal and about three miles latitudinal, making it a very small island. It is also home to the capital of Seychelles, Victoria. Named after the British Queen. Morne Seychellois is the highest point of Seychelles, on Mahé. 

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Beau Vallon Beach - Very popular with visitors​

Mahé Island’s longest beach is also the island’s most visited thanks to the bevy of restaurants, guest houses and water sports on offer.Far from secluded, Beau Vallon is usually filled with locals picnicking and playing music under takamaka trees. And vendors selling Creole cuisine, drinks and clothing along its crescent-shaped coastline. Based on Mahé’s northwestern tip, its the perfect place to immerse yourself into the local scene.

The Ideal way to get to Beau Vallon is to book a Rental Car with Seychelles Car Hire. It is well known that tourist accommodation rates in Beau Vallon in above the Island’s average. So most visitors to Mahe Island tend to stay in other part of the island. Thus, the easiest way to commute to Beau Vallon is by Rental Car.

Car Rental Seychelles - Beau Vallon Beach
Beau Vallon Beach

The Seychelles Botanical Garden​

Car Rental Seychelles - Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden

One of the must see places in Seychelles for people with a love of nature is the Botanical Garden. Managed by the National Botanical Gardens Foundation since December 2009. It is located at Mont Fleuri, and most importantly on the outskirts of Victoria, the capital. Established in 1901 by a Mauritian agronomist, Rivalz Dupont. The 15-acre garden is one of the Seychelles’ oldest national monuments and is a living green heritage providing a quiet, green getaway with a 20-minutes walk from the busy town center. The garden has developed into one of Victoria’s main tourist attractions. The garden opens at 7.30 a.m and closes at 5 p.m. If you have a rental car, free parking is available at the entrance gate. Seychelles Car Hire offer you the best rates for your daily rentals.

Seychelles Creole Cuisine

The Seychelles islands are known for a number of things. And right at the top, besides with brilliant white sands, palm trees and the turquoise warm waters would be the Creole Cuisine. From freshly caught fish, to locally grown fruit, from spicy curries to sweet fried bananas, there is something here for every taste bud and palate. Your next best option for a good Creole meal is to go to a restaurant that specializes in Creole food.

Whilst there are many places to eat out in the Seychelles, you want to go somewhere that has made a name for itself as a good place to eat. There are a number of restaurants that fit this bill. On Mahe, the most popular and longest established is Marie Antoinette Restaurant. Found in the capital city of Victoria and situated in an old Creole house, this restaurant has been serving up traditional Creole meals for many years.

You can easily get to your chosen restaurant by renting a car with Seychelles Car Hire.

Car Rental Seychelles - Creole Cuisine

Victoria Market

Seychelles Car Hire - Victoria Market

The market in the centre Victoria – known officially as the Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market, but more widely as the Victoria Market – is truly the heart of the capital. Built in 1840 and later renovated in 1999, Victoria Market is a great example of blending the old and new Seychellois way of life.

It’s always been great place to buy local fruit, vegetables, spices and fish. A good sign of this is that it’s always busy with Seychellois doing their food shopping. The market is a fantastic place to go to learn about local food and culture. Seychellois love to share their knowledge of locally grown fruit and vegetables and the best way to cook all the different types of fish. It really is somewhere special to go for an education in Seychellois Creole cooking.

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